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In supporting artists near and far (like me) you are singing a big wholehearted “yes!” to the importance of beauty here in the world. Art has this way of bringing us a sense of place, perhaps even unlocking worlds— it lifts our eyes and gives us the view from someone else’s shoe. it shows us humanity and brings us closer to our own. it echoes what we never found the words to say or paint or dance or write, lighting up pathways over mountains and into unknown spaces and places. Art allows us to be of heart, a companion to beauty, with others, with life! it opens eyes, keeps hearts soft and if you can grow old and still have a marshmallow heart, then holy sun—well done! Art makes life beautiful and reminds us that although life can be very very hard, it can be very very beautiful too. So thank you for choosing art, for choosing beauty, for being here, for being you. I see you, I appreciate you and I am so blooming grateful for you.
All my love, 
Tess xo.


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